Practice Level I CFA®

Get exam ready efficiently with practice exams
that get harder as you get smarter.

Practice Efficiently

Experience the exam format with adaptive practice questions. Take custom quizzes or full-length exams.

Measure Your Progress

Know how prepared you are with predictive analytics based on your practice performance in each topic.

Master the Exam

Build your confidence with practice exams until you're ready for the real thing.

AdaptPrep helped me target the subsections within each larger section where I was struggling. I was able to better focus my time in areas where I was not as comfortable rather than spending too much time in already mastered subjects.

David, Passed Level I


Predictive Analytics

Our Topic Mastery system predicts your exam readiness and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Question Discussions

Our community of CFA Charterholders, coaches, and candidates answer your specific questions about a practice problem or the exam in general.

Detailed Solutions

Video and Written solutions clearly explain how to solve a practice question and other problems like it.

Dynamic Difficulty

AdaptPrep gives you harder questions the better you perform, so you get the right question at the right time.

Our Plans



  • 2500+ Practice Questions
  • 50+ Video Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Concise Review Videos
  • More


  • Clear, Concise Explanations
  • 60 Readings Covering All 10 Exam Topics
  • 225+ In-Depth Video Lessons
  • 40+ Total Video Hours
  • More



All the Features of:

  • Learn
  • Practice
  • One Free Renewal if You Take Exam and Do Not Pass
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Every Plan includes

Discussion Forums

Our community of CFA® Charterholders, AdaptPrep coaches, and candidates answer your questions and exchange study methods.

Formula Sheet

All the essential exam formulas you need in one place for maximum memorization and rapid review.

Study Schedule

A special spreadsheet you can customize to plan out your entire exam prep journey and use your time efficiently.